What’s New with Myeloma MVP? Check Out Our Updated Guide!

Myeloma MVPOctober 2019By: Khalid Mezzi, Executive Medical Director, Amgen

As the multiple myeloma treatment landscape has evolved significantly over the last decade, it’s important that patients have a management plan that evolves with it. With an increasing number of treatment options available for this complex blood cancer, it’s key that patients work with their care team to develop a tailored treatment strategy.

Khalid Mezzi, Executive Medical Director, Amgen

If you are living with multiple myeloma, talking to your doctor about your lifestyle preferences and priorities can be a helpful part of treatment planning. And developing a plan for you and your family can help you better manage the disease.

That is why Amgen has teamed up with members of the myeloma community to encourage patients and their care partners to play a proactive role in their care and to develop their Myeloma Most Valuable Plan—or Myeloma MVP.

The updated Myeloma MVP guide

We’ve launched an updated version of the Myeloma MVP guide that includes three key sections. The first two sections can help patients consider the goals and priorities that might be relevant to their treatment plan and to prepare for conversations with their healthcare team:

  • My Communications Needs and Care Team: This section helps people living with multiple myeloma establish what they want to learn more about and who they want to be part of their myeloma team.
  • My Priorities & Goals: Talking to a doctor about priorities and goals, or concerns, can be a helpful part of treatment planning. This questionnaire helps patients and their care team understand what they value most when it comes to treatment and care.

The third part of the guide helps patients outline a personal plan for managing multiple myeloma:

  • My Most Valuable Plan: Managing multiple myeloma goes beyond the doctor’s office. This section helps patients think through ideas for being physically, mentally and emotionally prepared.

View the updated Myeloma MVP guide here.

Stay tuned for updates

Through our ongoing clinical development programs, we are working tirelessly to try to advance the current standard of care for multiple myeloma. The Myeloma MVP program helps us extend that commitment beyond the lab.

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