The Myeloma MVP Team

Dave Winfield

Hall of Fame baseball player Dave Winfield knows the impact multiple myeloma can have on a patient all too well. In 2017, his close friend and former teammate Don Baylor passed away following a 14-year battle with the disease. Together with Don’s son, Dave is committed to helping raise awareness of this incurable blood cancer.

Rod Gilmore

Renowned college football analyst Rod Gilmore was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2016. Rod is dedicated to increasing awareness and encouraging others with myeloma to learn all they can and speak openly with their care team about their priorities and concerns. As a patient, Rod feels it's critical to have a team for support and to develop a personal game plan for managing the disease.

Don Baylor Jr.

Son of Don Baylor Sr., a former baseball star and coach who passed away following a 14-year battle with multiple myeloma. Following his diagnosis, Don Sr. worked hard to raise awareness and funds to help fight this incurable disease. Don Jr. has partnered with Amgen to build on his father’s work.

Determine the Best Plan for You

The multiple myeloma treatment landscape has evolved significantly over the past decade. With so many options available, talking to your doctor about your priorities and goals, or concerns, can be a helpful part of your treatment planning. The following steps will help you and your care team understand what you value most in relation to decisions about your treatment and care.

  • Download the MVP guide, which is designed to help you consider your goals and priorities and develop a personal strategy for managing your disease.
  • Fill out all three sections to help focus your thoughts before your next doctor's appointment.
  • Bring the completed pages for reference during your next discussion with your doctor or healthcare professional to align on your Most Valuable Plan.
“What I learned from my dad's experience is that while multiple myeloma is complex, the right strategy can help manage the disease.”Don Baylor Jr.

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