The Myeloma MVP Team

Dave Winfield

12-time Major League Baseball All-Star and Hall-of-Famer Dave Winfield knows the impact multiple myeloma can have on a patient all too well. In 2017, his close friend and former teammate Don Baylor passed away following a 14-year battle with the disease. Together with Don’s son, Dave is committed to helping raise awareness of this incurable blood cancer.

Steve Garvey

Steve Garvey is a 10-time MLB All-Star and former World Series champion. He saw firsthand the impact of multiple myeloma, when his father-in-law was diagnosed and later passed away from the disease. Steve is urging patients to play an active role in their treatment by creating a plan for managing multiple myeloma.

Don Baylor Jr.

Son of Don Baylor, a former Major League Baseball player and coach who passed away following a 14-year battle with multiple myeloma. Following his diagnosis, Don Sr. worked hard to raise awareness and funds to help fight this incurable disease. Don Jr. has partnered with Amgen to build on his father’s work.

Determine the Best Plan for You

The multiple myeloma treatment landscape has evolved significantly over the past decade. With so many options available, treatment can be individualized to your situation. However, your doctor needs to be aware of your lifestyle preferences and priorities to provide the right treatment options for you. The following steps will help you think through your priorities, so you can better communicate with your doctor and work together to make effective treatment decisions.

  • Download the MVP guide before your next doctor's appointment. The guide will ask you to provide information about yourself and your health status, as well as answer questions to better identify your top priorities in receiving treatment.
  • Fill out part one. The answers you provide should help you determine your treatment goals, or how you most hope to benefit from treatment.
  • Bring the completed pages to your doctor to help drive a conversation around your priorities and what you most want to accomplish from treatment.
  • Once you and your doctor agree on a management strategy, fill out part two to create your Most Valuable Plan.
“If you or someone you love is up against multiple myeloma, you’re not alone. The right strategy can help you manage this complex disease.”Steve Garvey10-time MLB All-Star